Thursday, August 18, 2011

Name that flower.

These odd flowers just showed up one day in our back yard. I’m too tired/lazy to google it, so if anyone knows the name of these flowers pass it on to me, will ya?



They’re super pretty, smell sweet, and are pretty common around our neighborhood.  They’re odd little things though – no leaves at all.



Oh, and my mom asked me to post pics of her house so my sister can see her flowers {my sister lives 16 hours away from us.} I’ve talked about it on here plenty, but my mom does such a great job with her flowers. My sister would love to see how pretty it looks, so here’s a few pictures to share the happy blooms with ya, Casey!




My mom’s got a natural gift for landscaping. :) Big post coming on Saturday showing the house improvements. Maybe she’ll know the name of the odd flowers in my backyard that popped up as a happy surprise from the previous owners?



  1. They are a type of lily, I am not sure exactly which type because there are hundreds but it is definitely a lily.

  2. Answer Found: Amaryllis common name Resurrection Lilly :)

  3. It is beautiful!! Wish we had these in Arizona!

  4. We have those in our yard too! They are called resurecction lilly because they first come up just a green plant in the spring, they die and then they come up again around this time with its beautiful flower!


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