Saturday, August 20, 2011

New windows.

Did you guess it from my hint picture the other day?


See the beauty in the background? That’s our brand spankin’ new picture window. And the nice thing about it – it matches the rest of our 13 other brand new windows in the house. :)


Oooh la la!


Our windows were the house’s original windows…FIFTY-SIX years old.

After a ton of estimates and demos that poor Eugene endured, we decided to go Windows Depot because they offered the best window for the best deal. I like to keep track of what things are costing on this blog, and I find it helpful to budget my own home renovations when I can see/read how much it cost for someone else. So our 14 total windows with the front half having the decorative grids came to a total of $4,848.00. We’re pretty pleased with the price especially since the quality of windows, and the service and installation were great.

How about some more pictures?













The original windows were disgusting – no matter how much I cleaned them. They were dusty, mildewed {is that a word?}, broken panes in a couple rooms, needed a piece of wood to hold them open, and had countless broken screens. {We’ll miss the fireflies that hung out in our bedroom at night thanks to the broken screens.}  The new windows make the house feel so much cleaner, safer, newer, and open. It’s crazy how much larger the picture window in the living room seems, even though it’s about 1/2 inch smaller than the original! We’re absolutely trilled with them & how they hugely improve the house. :)


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  1. The windows look great!! We are hoping to do ours next year but unfortunately, hurricane impact windows are $$$$ so even that might not be possible. That sounds like a great price and they look great!


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