Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY art upgraded for free.

You’ll have to forgive me if I’ve already blogged about this. I don’t think I have, but it’s been so crazy busy lately that I could easily be mistaken.

Anyway, quite a while ago, I was given a beautiful bundle of wheat by a friend. {Thanks, Sarah!} She knew I love wheat, hints my wedding & the “winter wheat” color I picked for our walls strictly because of its name. I have the bundle in our kitchen, but I picked three pieces of wheat to add to my DIY art above the fireplace. The original “art” was just a spur of the moment, quick-fix that was a $1.99 fat quarter piece of fabric that I picked up months ago framed in an Ikea frame. I planned to use the fabric for a pillow, but once I put it in the frame, it just stayed.

You saw it first in this post. Simple enough. I decided to try to spruce it up a bit, while keeping it neutral, natural {and free}, by adding some dried wheat.


It’s really simple and understated. And I still love the fabric as the background.


I think I like that it’s not quite noticeable until you get closer to the frame, mainly because there’s a lot of visual interest in art already going on in that room thanks to the gallery wall.


And here’s another pic of the free diy art upgraded…


And from a bit wider angle…


Now we just need to build a mantle someday so that the DIY art doesn’t look so small. {Preferably in time to hang Christmas stockings on it!}


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