Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leave as friends.

I was given a vinyl saying probably two or three Christmas’s ago by my aunt, and I’ve patiently held on to it knowing that I wanted to use it whenever Eugene & I bought a house. The vinyl is a sentiment I really like: “May all who enter as guests, leave as friends.”

Well, I finally got around to picking out a place for it & taking the 30 minutes to line it up & adhere it. What’s nice about the vinyl {they can be purchased at Target, Kohls, Hobby Lobby, etc.} is that you can always remove them later and they won’t rip your paint off. It’s a pretty simple process, really.

Cut the letters/words where necessary & tape ‘em to your wall…


{Baseball’s on the TV. Go figure.}

Then you just gently peel off the backing, and using the provided applicator you rub the letters on well. Then you can peel off the front piece of paper & you’re all set.


I like the placement above the fireplace for a few reasons. (1) Guests {aka friends} can see it right when they walk in the door. (2) It’s opposite the gallery wall, so you don’t see both the busy wall and the vinyl writing in the same glance. And (3) you can also see it from the kitchen table, where we’ll likely have our guests/friends share a meal with us. :)





Again, these aren’t the best photos because I only have time to snap them at night, but you get the idea. It’s nice to be able to do some smaller touches on the house, rather than having to do all the huge projects like painting and flooring. Feels good to add some personal touches to make the place feel more like our home.

Come on over guests…we love friends! :)


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