Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I’m so busy with my new job, so this is going to be a short & sweet {well, probably just short} post. But I have big news to share very soon about our kitchen floor.

I promised I’d keep you updated on how well my spray painted sink held up. You’ve asked. I’m answering. Just yesterday, I noticed the first chips.


Bad pic, but you can see on the drain the gold’s making its way back into my life.


I’m happy to say that the drain is the only place that’s chipped so far. But I painted the thing way back in February, and we’ve been rough on the poor guy. I’ve been happy with the way the faucet & handles have held up – they aren’t chipping {yet}, and they’re easy to wipe down too.

Well, that was an exciting Wednesday update, huh. :/

I’m swamped with my new job, and it’s really difficult to find time to blog because I’m spending much more time driving to & from work. With that said, I may be cutting back on my blog posts, or maybe moving some posts to weekends. {Sad.} But oh well. I work with what I’ve got – so it’ll be fine.

Hope ya’ll have a nice mid week day!


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