Monday, August 29, 2011

High school football.

It’s high school football time. Warm afternoons, cool evenings. Hotdogs in foil wrappers. Cheerleaders smiling at their friends in the stands. Middle school teeny-boppers walking around the track, pretending they’re way older than their actual age. Proud parents. Fired up coaches. Eager athletes.





On Friday night, we went to the high school where Eugene now teaches for their first home game. I only stayed until halftime & honestly I didn’t even really enjoy the time I was there because I was so exhausted from a full work week, but it did make me look forward to going to another game in the future {more rested.} ;)

Hopefully ya’ll get a chance to enjoy & support some high school sports in your town!


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  1. Football season is so much fun! My husband coaches 3 of our boys on both JV at our neighborhood high school and in our youth/feeder program. I love the atmosphere and our big football family :) I just can't wait until our weather cools off and we can bundle up for games!


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