Monday, May 16, 2011


Big surprise, another eventful weekend….literally. Friday night was a rehearsal for a wedding at my church. In addition to being an Event Coordinator for two banquet halls for a living, I’m also the volunteer Wedding Coordinator at my church, so I had a wedding rehearsal to run on Friday evening. Once that ended, I rushed to Eugene’s second tournament baseball game, and although they played awesome, they still lost {boo.} From there, Eugene & I headed over to his parents’ place for another family birthday party for his sister.

{kit kat cake made by Grandma Dottie}


We enjoyed some time outside on their fabulous deck while the guys played a Frisbee game & the kids played on the trampoline. {You’ve seen little Miss Ava on my blog  before here & here.}

IMG_1939  IMG_1944b

Saturday morning gave me a couple short hours to organize one of our guest bedrooms {more on that tomorrow}, and then I was off to coordinate the early afternoon wedding ceremony at church. I love being able to make the day less stressful for the bride & groom, and I love helping in such an incredibly significant time for a couple, but man, coordinating ceremonies is stressful! I’m always so nervous that something’s going to go wrong to botch up the ceremony. {I find receptions much less stressful!} Thankfully, God answered our prayers for a perfectly smooth, flawless, beautiful, and meaningful ceremony.





After the ceremony, I had to head to work for a local high school’s prom for 320 guests. They went with a cinema theme & it turned out super cute!






It was a slightly crazy prom to say the least. Right as we finished dismissing the high schoolers to the buffet, the tornado sirens – which just happen to be at the corner of our banquet center’s parking lot – started sending off their deafening, high-pitch warning. The police officers on site for prom, quickly got word that there were funnel cloud sightings not far from our location. Luckily, the DJ’s music was loud enough to drown out the sirens to give us time to plan before the students were even aware of the impending danger. The principal and I began to immediately think through where we could relocate 320 students {who were all just starting to eat dinner} in the case that one of the chaperones we had stationed on watch at the corner of our building sighted a tornado. We explained to the students the locations of the hallways and interior rooms that they would be ushered into if necessary, and amazingly, no one panicked. They all went on with their dancing, as if nothing was unusual at all!

Praise the Lord, despite many people in the small city seeing funnel clouds {pictured below} and over an hour of sirens, nothing came in our line of vision & we didn’t have to move the students into the hallway. Can you say, CRAZY day!?!

{image source}

Sunday was much less chaotic with church, showing my mom my newly re-done bathroom, and working on a gallery wall in my living room {more on that later too.}  Thankfully, I don’t have any events to work this weekend, so here’s hoping for a less eventful, and more restful weekend coming up! ;)


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