Friday, May 13, 2011

Big win.

Eugene’s baseball team won their first tournament game last night.  It was finally beautiful weather that allowed us to finish the last five innings of the previously rained/lighteninged {that’s not a word, I know} out game.


His team played really well, making for one proud coach.




There was even one very exciting & clutch three-run homerun to give them a larger lead. {I love team celebration pics.}


They’ll play again tonight, but unfortunately I won’t get to be there…gotta work a wedding rehearsal.


I’m super proud, regardless of tonight’s outcome, of the team & especially of the coach. Eugene has sacrificed so much time, and poured tons of hard work and patience into his team, and I’m thrilled they won their first tourney game. Not to mention the fact that I made tacos for Eugene & his brother last night as a celebratory dinner – all that equals one super happy husband! ;)


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