Thursday, May 26, 2011

Patriotic pup.

Nothing new to update ya on the house today, sorry. However, I did mow the front yard last night, baked a new recipe for a cake, …


…bought a bandana &  bottle cutter for a project idea I’ve had floating around in my head for a while, and took the dog on a run around the neighborhood before the storm hit {again.} The weather’s been so crazy this year. Floods, earthquakes, tornados – all reminding me of how huge our God is, and how blessed & protected I am. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have to pick up the pieces of my house, my life, as all of Joplin is having to do this week. It’s sickening to see the pictures of their flattened city & my prayers go out to them. Please pray for God to comfort & strengthen them as they try to rebuild all that was destroyed.

{image source}

I appreciate my family, my house, my neighborhood, my safety, my dog, my life. {Thank you, God, for protecting me & my family from all these storms.}

On a much lighter note – I saw a red bandana on sale at Hobby Lobby & thought the pup might like to get in the Memorial Day mood. He wasn’t too fond of the idea when I first put on his new accessory last night…


I love the look in the last square; it’s like he’s saying, “You’re serious with this thing?” But by the morning, he was feeling handsome and patriotic…


Or, at least accepting it…



Getting lots of early sunshine through the big window this morning. {Handsome pup.}


I also snapped some pics of a beautiful bouquet my friend, Libby, gave me just cause she’s sweet like that. :) You may have noticed the pretty blooms in the pics from yesterday’s pillow cover post.





I’ve changed the water & re-trimmed the ends every other day & it’s really helped them last. They’re a week old, and still looking gorg! It’s a fact – fresh flowers make any room look {so much} better…even if there’s faux brick vinyl flooring and bowling alley countertops!


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