Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pinterest love.

Pardon me if you’re an old hat at Pinterest, but in case anyone out there’s not met my friend – allow me to introduce you. I’ve been on Pinterest pretty much every day since I first discovered this addictive site. At first, I just expected it to be an annoying site that was basically pointless, but I gave it a shot anyway, requested my invite, joined, & started pinning my fav. images & interests.
I quickly realized not only is the website a huge pool of awesome ideas {so much better than google images}, but it’s also a fantastic way to organize my inspiration and ideas for each of our room remodels. Prior to Pinterest, I was just emailing myself websites every time I found a good idea {annoying}, and eventually my self-sent emails would get lost & forgotten in the mix. But this website allows me to visualize each project, recipe, room in super organized manner and maintains the source link for that image – so all I have to do is click on the image and I’m redirected to the website that posted the how-to, recipe, or pretty pic. {Saweet!}
So here’s my “home page,” if you will. It shows all of my “boards” that I’ve titled to organize my “pins”. See I have a quotes board, recipes board, DIY ideas board, kitchen ideas boards, and so on.

Then this is a screen shot of one of my boards that reveals all of my “pins” in that category {Kitchen Ideas.}

You can add a caption & you can also “re-pin” someone else’s pin if you see another idea that you love or want to mimic. It basically breeds copycats, but hey my mom always told me imitation is the highest form of flattery {not sure I buy that, but she sure did tell me that all the time in middle school!} I think it’d be a great tool for various occupations too – pin coaching drills, pin teaching lesson plans, pin photography tips, etc. So all that to say…I’m lovin’ me some Pinterest!

Yesterday, Eugene was supposed to have a tournament game, but {big surprise} it got cancelled due to lightening/thunder after 2 innings. It’s been an awful year for baseball weather.


Oh, and remember Eugene’s one Ikea request for the “practically free” wok? Well, we finally used it last night to make Teriyaki Pork with rice & veggies.

IMG_1842 IMG_1845

We devoured every last bite of it – so delish! Of course, Eugene swears it tasted so good simply because of the wok. ;) I had a little bit of time yesterday to paint some more of the bathroom, but I still have to trim the tile & paint one more coat of white on the tile. I hope to put finished pictures up soon, so stay tuned!

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