Monday, May 9, 2011

Pup, bees, mothers, prom, graduation, etc. - typical weekend.

It’s Monday again, so here comes the lovely weekend wrap-up…

Friday after work, I stopped home to pick up the pup & headed to my parents’ place to surprise my mom with a short visit & to give her a Mother’s Day gift {since I knew we couldn’t see her on Sunday.} The pup was so pumped for the trip; he LOVES car rides & loves running around on my parents’ land even more! Here’s the goofy pup with his crazy hair blowing in the wind on our car ride…



My parents took me back to their bee hives to show me their latest addition {honey bees.}


In case you’re wondering about the yellow heart on the hive – apparently, bees recognize their hive by the color & shape, so each of the four hives have a different color and shape to direct the bees home. {Who knew?!}


Meanwhile, the pup decided to go for a swim in the nearby creek, even though it was pretty darn chilly out.


I gave my mom a pretty shirt & framed this free printable. She thought it was the bees knees {hardy, har.} And Eugene couldn’t figure out what it meant…he kept saying “Happy b-day? Happy bees?” Oh he makes me smile!  :)


Saturday, I watched a few innings of Eugene’s baseball team winning until I left to do my sister-in-law’s hair & make-up for her senior prom.


She wanted a braid & a side ponytail with some curls to compliment her beautiful, homemade, {by Grandma Dottie} one-strap dress. She looked stunning!

IMG_1718  image

It’s hard to believe she’s a senior and won’t need me to do her hair & make-up for any more dances! Time flies for sure. I had to go to work for a wedding reception

Sunday, Eugene & I enjoyed “teaching” our  two-year-olds class at church, but had to leave church early to head to watch his brother graduate from college. It was a real blessing to have 3 hours in the car with my husband – just the two of us. He’s been gone a lot for baseball, and I’m so glad he’s had the opportunity to coach, but it’s definitely made me even more thankful for every spare minute of quality time that we get to be together.


I’ll post more pictures & details on Dillan’s graduation tomorrow, but it was a really nice ceremony with beautiful weather to top it off. All-in-all, it was a nice, busy weekend. Oh, and I barely spent anytime at my house, so no bathroom update just yet, but hopefully it will be worth the wait!


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