Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free fabric flower wreath.

Ever since I took down my girly Valentine’s Day wreath, I’ve had an ugly make-shift wreath up that makes me frown ever time I walk in our door. So last night, I decided that it was time to make something {without going to the store} to replace the existing ugly wreath under the logic that anything I made would have to be better than what I had lived with since February. And here’s my final {free} product:


I knew I had some left over fabric from when I turned a shirt into a pillow and I also had another really old shirt that is waiting to be made into a pillow.

image IMG_2092

So without a real plan, I cut the sleeves of the shirts into strips, varying in width, depending on what sized flowers I had in mind…



Then I simply twisted the fabric {not worrying about the raveled ends}, and started to wrap it around itself in a circular pattern.



My weapon of choice was the glue gun – some between the layers to secure them every so often, but mainly at the center of the flower and at the very end edge.


I repeated the process with different sized strips of fabric to create some smaller and thinner flowers, and some thicker and larger flowers too. 


I even added some tiny seed beads and some buttons with some more hot glue for a few flowers’ center. And all that was left to do was to simply glue the flowers onto the grape vine wreath {leftover from my Fall wreath.}


It’s not elaborate or fancy, but it’s cute & free. I love this wreath 10 times more than the make-shift, “I’m-moving-and-don’t-have-time-to-worry-about-a-wreath” wreath. ;)



No more frowns when I walk in my front door. Success. :)


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