Monday, June 14, 2010

See Espn jump. See Espn swim. See Espn shake.

My mom is visiting my sister in Tulsa, so I went to visit with my dad on Sunday. He asked me to pick raspberries and sweet snow peas for him. Fresh garden-picked berries are definitely a wondrous thing {even if the take some hard work & willingness to get a bit dirty!} Brace yourself for a cheesy pic of me.


Um, it was a bit muddy so say the least. Ick.


No big surprise – pup went swimming there again. It was so hot and humid he was instantly underwater the first chance he got. He first hit the creek {correctly pronounced “crick” in our house.}


Then he dove into the pond. Here’s a video of him diving in…my first attempt ever with a video. It probably does nothing for 99% of the people out there, but watching him dive and shake makes me smile. :)

So, did the video thrill ya? I thought so. I like how he basically wipes out when he’s trying to shake the water off. Cheap thrills. {I think I need to work on making videos that are more interesting!}


I like the beauty of the picture below. It reminds me of the sky on my wedding day here.



And here he is worn out after swimming. I think he looks like he’s trying to be a fly stuck to the windshield! ;)


I also realized I’m going to be ridiculous when I have kids. I post so many pictures of the pup, I can’t imagine what I’m going to do when I have a cutesy baby to snap pictures of & post! Oh well, this is my form of scrapbooking. {And I like it.}


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