Monday, June 7, 2010

My mom is a master gardener.

Friday, Eugene and I stayed home and started a new show {just new to us}, 24. We’re watching them from the first episode online, like we did LOST. Eugene’s brother & sister stopped by to say hey around 10:30, and then we called it a {delightfully uneventful} night around midnight.

We took a walk at the Reservoir on a back trail. The pup found some water to swim in, and then Eugene & Espn climbed to the top of the dam wall to look over.



We were surprised at Espn’s weird ability to climb the wall – he easily made it to the top, and we thought he was going to keep going over to the other side!

He was competing with me for the window on the way home. {I think I look funny here, but oh well.}


Saturday’s wedding for work was an interesting one. Early guests, late food, broken bottles, broken champagne glasses, drunk puking on the dance floor and bathroom, the list goes on. See, it’s not all fun being an event coordinator! At least I was home by 11:30 thanks to huge help from my husband.

Sunday, Eugene and I went to my parents’ house again for dinner this weekend. Cheeseburgers on the grill, swimming for the pup, hugs from mom & dad,  and 40 acres of peace & quiet.  When I pull into the drive of my parents’ place, all I can think is how much their landscaping deserves to be in a Better Homes & Garden magazine.

My mom is a master gardener when it comes to flowers. Her talent to plot out locations, blend colors with varying heights and fullness of plants, all the while nurturing huge, vibrant blooms is amazing. I can’t even attempt to describe her oversized rose bushes {we’re talking 10ft x 10ft}! She loves her plants, takes pride in them, and fully enjoys them. She grows things well. Children & flowers. ;)







*there’s a bee in this one…see it?


My dad gave me money to buy a nice camera. I feel really guilty spending money on something that’s not a necessity, but he told me specifically to buy a camera with it, so I also feel pretty obligated to follow his directions. Anyhoo, maybe next time I show pictures of flowers, they’ll be focused and much better quality!


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