Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catching up with a friend and a surprise trip.

So my Friday visit with Britney was so wonderful! I love that she and I can not see each other for literally one whole year, and still pick up just as if no time passed when we get together. SDC14767

I’m already looking forward to her wedding in December 2011. :) Oh, and we met a new friend on our walk back to the pond, only he wasn’t Espn’s friend because he snapped pretty hard at him!


Our dinner was fabulous…both recipes are worthy of making again. In fact, the bread was so good I’m going to have to start making it regularly! I will post the recipe for the bread and the chicken marinade sometime next week.

On our way home, we had a minor bump with a pesky orange barrel in Wal-Mart’s parking lot, and it did a lovely number on my Element’s driver’s side car door. Its just another challenge to my “no-complaints” week, and another unexpected challenge to deal with/pay for, but I just keep thinking that it’s just a car. That’s it.

Friday, I hit golfballs again with Eugene and his brother {and no, I’m not any better at it}, then had pizza at his parents’ place. Then this morning, we helped my dad in his garden. Here’s a sight that makes me smile. Two of the most important men to me, working together!




This was my contribution – fertilizer on the rows. Tough job, I know.


Their garden is amazing {remember, my mom is a master gardener…and so is my dad when it comes to farmer’s crops.} I thought these raspberries looked delish!

After working our gardener skills, we had a few hours to ourselves before I headed into work a wedding reception this afternoon. Before I left, Eugene told me to pack an overnight bag for a surprise trip for our 1 year wedding anniversary. We’re going to church, and then who-knows-where. :) It makes me grin just thinking of his thoughtfulness – going through all the preparations and secrets to surprise me with this. He gave me a hint, saying that it would mean a lot of time for just the two of us. {Sounds perfectly amazing to me!} So, I’ll be off the blogsphere until Tuesday probably…unless there’s wireless and I have downtime.

Even though this year has been full of many many big “life events” and challenges and u-turns, I have LOVED being married to Eugene. I feel so incredibly blessed that God put him in my life and that he is such a caring, forgiving, unjudging {I know that’s not a real word}, compassionate best friend to me. He makes me happy. And I pray we have many more years to live and spend married, making each other happy.


Oh happy day!


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