Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation celebrations.

*I tried to post this Friday, but it wouldn’t work, oh well. Better late than never.*

I took yesterday off to try to recoup before another weekend of working weddings. I got groceries and took care of some things around the condo, baked a cake, and I even had enough time to lay out in the sun for an hour. I love laying out {so much.}

Eugene’s mom graduated with her associates degree yesterday evening. She’s been working her tail of for so long, balancing {as great mom’s do} her work at home, her family’s crazy schedule of events, all the while writing papers, driving the distance to classes, and taking exams. We’re all so proud of her accomplishment and her fortitude. She definitely deserved to be celebrated last night!



We had a lovely buffet full of yummy Mexican food from Moe’s, and after the graduation ceremony we pounced on some brownies, pumpkin spice cake {recipe to come}, vanilla ice cream and coffee.


Um, yum.


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