Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY bedroom light, round two.

Remember this lamp shade


That I covered and made to look like this…


But when you lay on the bed, this is what you saw…


Not hot.

Obviously, I didn’t like how it was open on the bottom. So I bought a sheet of velum {plastic-like, see-through paper} at Hobby Lobby on clearance to see what I could do to remedy the problem.


Basically, I traced a circle the size of the bottom of my shade onto the velum, cut it out, and squeezed it into the bottom of the shade. I thought about hot gluing it to the bottom, but I realized if I cut it carefully enough, it would fit just inside the lip of the shade and stay put without any glue.


Much better.


And since it’s clear paper, it still lets a good amount of light through when it’s on. It’s come quite a ways since the original poop-brown room with the 1950s builder’s grade light…



Mmm, best thing in the transformation are the clean new windows. Definitely still thrilled with those babies! {Although my charger-turned-mirrors also make me smile.} :)


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