Thursday, October 27, 2011

The pup and Fall.

I’ve been super tired after work lately…thus, no real house projects taking place. But, do not fear, some things never change: the pup’s just as goofy as ever.

I raked some leaves and lots of pine needles that had fallen in our front yard. Apparently, the pup has a serious attraction to piles of pine needles. {Weirdo.}





Then he decided that rather than rolling in pine needles, it would be even more fun to take a swim in the cold, dirty, huge rain ditch in the front of our yard. Mmmm, perfect.


Seriously, pup? It’s cold, dirty, smelly, and just plain not cool. He was not easy to drag out of there. Pup loves his water.


I’ve given this dog two baths in about four days. Fun stuff.


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  1. He is so cute!! Dogs have such a knack for getting dirty! :)


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