Monday, October 10, 2011

Life lately.

I haven’t blogged much about life happenings lately. So here’s a post just to things going on that are unrelated to the house.

We had a lot of Eugene’s college friends over for a great bonfire the week of his college’s Homecoming…


Two of his friends stayed the night, and it was nice having a place for guests to sleep. {One perk of homeownership!} It was fun to hear Eugene catch up with his friends. We’re both blessed with great college experiences and wonderful people to stay in touch with.

Eugene’s youngest sister went to her Sophomore year homecoming dance. She asked me to do her hair & makeup, and she looked absolutely gorgeous {although I’m probably biased.}


We used this hairstyle for her half-up do:

Canon 063

She has crazy-long hair – looked beautiful…

Canon 072

Canon 069

The pup was stuck outside b/c he was super muddy & wet. Doesn’t he look just pitiful!

Canon 061

This past weekend we went to a family birthday party, the Saurkraut Festival {it was 80 degrees out in October in Ohio! Amazing!}, and went to Ikea.


Lots of fun. I love Fall fires, family, and friends.


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