Monday, October 17, 2011

Make-shift mantle.

A long long time ago, I bought this shelf from Ikea…


I’ve wanted to make a really neat, hefty mantle for our fireplace since the day we looked at the house. However, I know that, realistically, this project won’t be completed for quite some time. Christmas is quickly approaching, and I really want a shelf to hold our stockings.

Enter makeshift Ikea shelf-mantle.

The hardest part was finding the stud. Once I found one stud, I just measured 16 inches to locate the other stud. The shelf instructions say that you have to have it screwed into two studs, which makes sense. I used painters tape to provide myself a visual for where the shelf should go…


P.S. The Ikea shelf doesn’t come with anchors or screws to mount it to the wall.


And here’s the final {temporary} product…



Not the best solution, and not at all what I want permanently. I plan to paint the wood around the fireplace white, but for now, I’m just happy with a shelf to display my pumpkins and, in a couple months, my stockings! :)


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  1. Cait! I have 2 lack shelves (ones i was trying to show you at a pause in my video!) They are natural wood, I think I am going to put them side by side to make one long one and make that my sudo-headboard!


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