Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love pumpkins.

I’m not a big holiday decorator. I really just don’t get into it too much. I’ll dress up the place for Christmas, but other than that there’s really only one holiday/season that I actually enjoy decorating for…Fall.

It made me smile to dig out my pumpkins {which I love} and place them around our home.




That candle & the candle on the kitchen table are coffee bean candles. I think I’ll make some more of those to display around the house.


I also made some of my favorite “different” type of banana bread: Banana Spice Bread. Delicious & tastes like Fall. I took it to our small group on Monday & an entire loaf was devoured, and then Eugene & I took it {and pizza} to my parents’ place last night to visit with my Aunt from Texas. I forgot to bring the extra bread home, so I’m super bummed I don’t get to enjoy it more. {My mom is secretly happy I left it there!}


I wish we could have Fall with Summer temperatures. I don’t like the cold, but I do love the Fall! Pumpkins make me smile.


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