Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend.

I had a wonderful weekend. Eugene & his dad busted their rears tearing out drywall and frame work all around our basement. I’m so thankful for their hard work on it. Now we’re ready for the professionals to take over & fix the water issues.

Friday & Saturday I got sneak away and enjoy two competitive volleyball matches won by the Tigers. I can practically taste Fall right around the corner now that volleyball has begun. I love this sport.


I also broadened my sports horizon and watched some of my sister-in-law’s mad skills in her high school soccer game…




We had good food with both our families.  We enjoyed a bonfire with our friends from church. I made my favorite salsa recipe, which was a hit with friends & family alike.


…with the largest marshmallows I’ve ever seen – see the normal marshmallow on the bottom and the gianormous one on the top?!


Oh, and our friends who hosted also have a hog farm…


I don’t think I’ll have bacon for quite a while. :(

This weekend, I also enjoyed a huge field full of blooming sunflowers as I took some senior pictures for Eugene’s cousin…


I know it’s obvious since I used them as my wedding flower, but I seriously love sunflowers {so much.}


My weekend was full & lovely. Perfectly lovely.

I am so blessed.


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