Friday, September 9, 2011

Downspout extensions.

Yes, you can tell from the title that this post’s going to be riveting. And yes, it’s about as exciting {and lame} as it sounds.

Part of our basement water problem is stemming from our short, poorly placed downspouts.The water was draining down to the gutters and to the short downspouts and resting about 2 feet away from the house; then seeping into the basement walls.

One corner was definitely worse than the other three, so a while ago we bought this snazzy $11 down spout extender thingy, like this…

{image source}

Well, I finally made it back to Lowes to buy three more since it’s been raining all week & is probably going to continue through the weekend. I didn’t want to drop $33, so I looked for a cheaper option.

Enter 10’ of 5” diameter corrugated pipe.


$3 a piece. I can handle that. They’re not as flexible as the snazzy kind, but they seem to work just as well. And they’re just as ugly.



Eugene’s got a plan to make them a bit more gravity-friendly, but for now I’m just happy we got ‘em and for $24 less.

Oh, and this nasty mess in our driveway is drywall & wood from our basement. Eugene & his dad ripped out 24 inches of wall up from the floor all the way around the basement to prepare for the company to come in do work to remove all the moisture.


Such hard manual labor! I’m so thankful for all their work, and I cannot wait until the company comes and fixes our basement!


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