Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking a break.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a little break from blogging. I’m running on E right now from working so many hours, so I haven’t had time to really enjoy blogging. I started blogging to keep a journal of my life, share my photos with my sister who is out of state, record house updates & store recipes. Blogging and journaling is something I definitely enjoy; however, lately with how busy and bogged down I’ve been, blogging has been just another thing hovering over my head.

I have a ton of house update and projects to share, but I want to have the time to write them and enjoy the process instead of rushing to finish the post when it’s late and night & I’m wishing I could go to bed. I also am contemplating and rather heavy, sensitive post that I might share, but I want to pray about it some more. It makes me sad to have to take a break from the one “hobby” that I’ve really enjoyed, but hopefully it’ll just be a week or so.

Hang in there with me please, if ya don’t mind. I’ll be back, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month. But when I do, I’ll have a $1 coffee table remodel, a new bedroom light, diy coasters, and more to share whenever I have the time to enjoy blogging.

See ya sooner than later, I hope.



  1. I can totally relate!! I had to take a break from blogging after moving, and have still not totally gotten back into the grove yet. It can get really hard to keep up with, and sometimes starts feeling like one more thing on my to-do list that's going undone and making me feel guilty. I hope you'll be able to be back at it soon, but take your break for as long as you need. It's your hobby after all; you don't owe us in the cyber-world anything! :)

  2. I'll miss you, but I totally understand. Take good care of yourself, and let the people who love you take care of you, too.

  3. We will miss you but take your time! Totally understand - I took the whole month of June off. Just needed a break and time to re-prioritize.


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