Monday, January 10, 2011

Mixin’ it up.

Lots of things going on {big surprise, I know.} I’m feeling rushed, so I’m gonna go with the list style today. Mixin’ it up for ya.

1. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so I’d like to wish her a happy birthday on the good ol’ blog. :)


2. I played around with my blog design a bit. Not sure how long I’ll keep it this way, and I’ll probably change it up even more in the next couple days. I wanted to be able to post my pictures larger, and well, from the looks of my massive face staring back at me, I guess it worked. I’d like to change the background image, but it’s proving to be a bit more complicated on my system. For those of you on google reader {which is amazing btw. You should def. get it if you don’t already use it!} here is my new header. Thoughts? I can change out my pics in it anytime.


3. I have at least two recipes to share asap. Two really stinkin good ones to boot. One is for a biscotti that I make every Christmas. To say it’s amazingly delicious is a vast understatement. The other’s a cheese fondue, also top-of-my-list delish.

IMG_8108  IMG_8114 

4. We celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. A little late, but still nice. And I got to see these two handsome boys, my cousin’s sons, who have been living in Germany.


5. I also gave some crafty gifts at that get-together, so I can finally blog about the details {soon.}


6. Eugene & I had a fabulous date night Friday night that included Olive Garden & Lowes. We had to laugh at enjoying perusing Lowes holding my husband’s hand & dreaming of how we’ll work on our house. Here’s my ravioli stuffed with Portobello mushrooms & us in the light section! And, an obvious wondrous thing – someone paid for our meal at Olive Garden. We saw the principal from Eugene’s school there, so we’re thinking it was him, but it was SO kind! I definitely want to pass it on & pay for some random stranger’s meal sometime soon.

IMG_8097 IMG_8098b

7. We still haven’t closed on the house yet, but since it looks more & more like it’s really gonna happen, we got a nice couch & chair {for free from a friend’s boss = wondrous thing again} and a huge dresser/cabinet thing from craigslist for 10 bucks. All that to say, our condo is PACKED full of stuff now. Picture a HUGE couch crammed in our dinning area here…


8. I still have to re-do my signature so the judgment-free zone is requested on that for the time being.

9. Had to end with #9. I was #9 in volleyball in college…represent! ;)

Anyhow, lots more happened this weekend, but rather than annoy you with any more of this list, I’ll just fill you in over this week’s posts.


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