Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A to-do list from here to China.

Eugene & I are attempting to move this weekend. Our current condo’s not packed, the house isn’t clean {or even livable} yet, and we have a to-do list that stretches from here to China. There’s literally so much to do, I had to itemize it by room, and even then there’s more than 20 huge tasks per room!

We spent hours at the house last night trying to knock out some of the items. Eugene & I started to remove the existing old appliances, but only got halfway done. My amazing, generous, kind, beautiful, {did I say amazing?} Mom cleaned our disgusting bathroom for us. She worked her tail off for hours and while she has yet to touch the toilet & shower, it already looks much much better. {Thanks, Mom!} She’s seriously so stinkin’ good at cleaning. It’s her talent. {Not mine.}

Oh, and I should probably give you fair warning…I’m going to use this blog to document our house reno process for my sister who lives out of state & for my memories. So if home stuff’s not your thang, go ahead and remove me from your Google Reader – I don’t blame ya one bit! But, keep in mind that with these ugliness of the before pictures, the after pics have to be way better!

I’m going to work on celebrating the little things, so I’m going to celebrate even the small tasks we complete. :)

1. We pulled away the blanket of ivy that was attacking our house outside. This ivy was even making its way to the inside of our basement through the windows! YUCK!

IMG_8398  IMG_8399

2. We “planted” our pumpkin. {See my confession about this pumpkin here.} This seriously made me happy because I’ve been holding on to this darn rotting thing just so I can say that maybe we’ll grow some pumpkins at our own house next Fall!


3. We realized that replacing the mailbox needs to move to the top of the to-do list!


4. Eugene tried to figure out how to remove the cook top {with the help of the pup.}   


5. We got samples of roofing colors. I think I’m leaning towards the far right sample, but opinions are welcome…comment away! I definitely don’t like the brownish sample.

IMG_8418 IMG_8419

6. I cleaned the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Gotta love that faux red brick flooring with the red gingham check and apple border. Sheesh.


7. Speaking of the wallpaper. I couldn’t stare at it any longer and had to rip a chunk of it off. Consider this war, country apple and red check paper. And don’t worry, I will conquer. ;)


8. We ripped out the carpet in one of the bedrooms. Here’s a before pic...


9. And last, but probably most significant – I made a trash pile that included our demon friend. Ding dong, the duck is dead.


Although I have 707,420,734,298,573,947,055 more things to do still, I feel slightly better listing what we’ve accomplished {or at least started} so far. One thing at a time.


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