Friday, January 28, 2011

T minus one day.

We’re down to just one day before the big move. Last night was super productive, and I had a wonderful visit with my college roommate who I hadn’t seen in what feels like forever. But unfortunately with all the packing I’ve misplaced my camera USB, so no pics for now. :(

Today, Eugene’s going to pick up our new, pretty appliances. I’m super excited to have them in our possession finally! We joked that once we get those in our ugly kitchen it’s going to be like that game “which of these things don’t belong” that’s too easy for a two-year-old to play!

image image
photo source here & here

Oh, and how about a teaser to get you through the weekend…Eugene’s also picking up two boxes of this glass tile tonight.

Art Eco Mix Mosaic Glass Tile 4mmArt Eco Mix Mosaic Glass Tile 4mm
photo source

And I think I’ll make you sit in suspense until I tell you my uber exciting plans for these beauties. ;)

Okay, I realize this post is pretty lame, but I promise I’ll post about the rest of the details on last night’s completed tasks worthy of celebration once I have the pictures uploaded {to help make my words a little less boring!}


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