Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting even closer.

We got our appraisal report yesterday & the house value came back listed where we needed it to be {thank You, God!} We’re still not ready to close yet because the bank has to have the plumbing work completed, but, as far as I know, once that’s complete, we’re out of the woods! What a long journey this has been! {We put in our first offer on this house in October!}


Like I’ve mentioned before, this is a bank-owned, foreclosure that hasn’t been lived in in over a year {closer to two, I believe.} It’s outdated, dirty, and hasn’t been loved by its most recent owner {to say the least}, but Eugene & I are excited to make it our beautiful home. It’s gonna be a load of work, but hopefully we can enjoy the process together. :)

I’ve already begun brainstorming “mood boards” for each room & renovation project. Wanna see what I mean? Okay.


Lots to think about, lots to plan, lots to budget for, and lots to pray about for sure, but, what a blessing this is!


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