Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got myself a pedestal.

It’s time for another update on our house purchasing process – you can read more about the ordeal up to this point here. Our mortgage loan information has been submitted to the underwriting process, and although that doesn’t mean much to me, I know it’s another step closer to the part where we get the keys! We should be able to close by the 24th…only eleven more days till the real madness begins! ;)

As I’ve mentioned, this house will be a project {to say the least} for us, but we’re excited to put our touches throughout the place. We’re expecting to put a good chunk of change into renovations and repairs, and we agree that we want to do so using cash/our savings and not adding to our loan.  That said, we’ve been logging away different prices of all the items we’ll need in attempts to be sure we get the best deal for our hard earned cash. I also plan to track most of our costs and expenses on the blog as I document the projects we undertake. Long story short, we went to the massive store Menards last night to check out some sales. We’ve never been there before – it was HUGE!

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We got a few ideas for future purchases including these snazzy cabinet & drawer pulls, which seemed to be a pretty good price {btw, why are drawer pulls and knobs so ridiculously expensive?!}…



We liked the price of this undermount sink…


We definitely need to purchase some fence for the pup’s safety. Luckly, the yard’s already fenced on the longer two sides {bonus!}


We like this kitchen faucet, and the price was not to shabby too. But we didn’t add it to the cart just yet.


We did snag a nice, standard, inexpensive mail box. The last time we visited the property, we realized that the mailbox is smashed and laying on the ground in the yard across the street. Lovely.


We also bought some paint stuff, gloves, and a 2-pack motion sensor outdoor lights {$19.99} which will make me feel a little less scared walking outside after watching an episode of  24 {not sure why, but that show always makes me feel like someone’s following me!}

And the grandest purchase of the night – a pedestal sink! Seriously, you know you’ve grown up when you get excited about buying a sink!


This sharp guy was only forty-four bucks.

And let me introduce you to it’s future home {prepare yourself}…


YIKES! This is the overly-tiled, ugly, out-of-date, super small extra bathroom in the house. It’ll be nice to have this extra bathroom for our guest room, but as-is, well, it could use some work. Because the space is so super tiny, we agreed that a pedestal sink was the way to go. Bye bye big weird vanity sink that sticks out to fit the faux marble top. {And yes, the poorly fake-tiled walls will need remedied too, without a doubt, along with practically everything else in the tiny space!} I got plans for you, little room! :)


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