Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow’s coming.

The nation’s being blanketed with snow this week, and we’re no exception. Just  two to four inches though, so it’s really nothing to stress about. Just a reminder for us to slow our lives down a bit, take our time, and stay put & rest.




I’m ready for summer – the sun is my happiness & the warmth is coveted right now, but I can’t deny the beauty a fresh coating of the white icy snow. It covers over everything with no exceptions, covering the dingy salty dirt left from the roads, and erasing the trampled footprints from the yards, a clean white reminder of the redeeming grace that washes our sins.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” Isaiah 1:18

I’m secretly praying to get snowed in sometime soon {at home, with my husband, during the work week} Wouldn’t that be amazing!


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  1. These are great shots. I love your banner, BTW, hope to see more pictures of that cute dog!

  2. These are ALL absolutely gorgeous! Love the processing! xo

  3. Beautiful photos! Love the angle on the tree shot!

  4. "Just a reminder for us to slow our lives down a bit, take our time, and stay put & rest."

    I love how you find life's lessons in all!

    Great shots - my fave is the shot looking up the tree. Love it!

  5. That first one is gorgeous...so graphic...LOVE!

  6. I love the perspective looking up the tree!

  7. These are gorgeous! I really love the last two! Thanks for linking up.


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