Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It’s a sign…and a done deal.

Last night, Eugene & I signed the papers to complete the closing on our first home. My parents called me earlier yesterday to wish me luck, and they both asked {in separate phone calls} if I was nervous. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all. Eugene & I have looked at houses for so many months, prayed for God’s will to be evident for so long, and performed due diligence in all the ways we know how – so when it came time to sign my name a million times & hand over a fat check, I was confident that this is what God has planned for us. He’s provided us the path this far, and we’re banking {literally, hah!} on the fact that He will continue to provide for each step in the future.

We are so thankful to have been blessed enough to even consider owning a home. And now we have our very own keys. :)


Oh, and I have to write about the sign I had that this house was “it.” This is going to sound ridiculous & super crazy, and it probably is, but I want to remember it, so I’m loggin’ it away on the good ol’ blog for safe keeping.

Okay, so we had been looking at houses for months and months. We’d even put an offer in on another house back in April only to have our offer surprisingly rejected. So we were about to the point of sheer frustration with the whole searching thing when I found our current house listed online. I called to schedule a time to meet our realtor at the house, and when I hung up the phone, all of the sudden I had this weird flash – call it a vision, I don’t know! I thought to myself that it would be really great if God showed us the house we’re supposed to pick by having a dove fly through it. I even pictured a white bird flying through an empty living room. INSANE! I have a real fear of birds, so it’s really strange that I would even want a bird flying in a house because that would scare the bajeebies out of me! Anyhow, even though I was extremely weirded out that I even thought that, I kept an open mind and actually believed it might happen at this house viewing.

{This picture below seriously freaks me out…I have a phobia, I’m telling you.}

image source

Fast forward a couple days to our meeting with our realtor at the house. As we parked our car, I told Eugene about my weird thought/image & we laughed at it. Not two seconds later, we walked up the sidewalk to the door & saw a dead pigeon {aka dove} on the ground next to the bushes.

No lie.

The white bird was there on the mulch, dead as a doornail & definitely creepy looking. It’s safe to say that God has a sense of humor! He showed us our house using a dead bird, and even spared me the terror of a dove flying around the inside of the house. {Thanks, God!}

Oh, and now that I think about it, there’s also this creepy-as-all-get-out white bird/duck head hanging in the kitchen by the sink…


Who in their right mind would put this up in their kitchen!?!?! {Sorry, no offense to you if you have this possessed duck head hanging in yours.}

Ugly, strange, hideous? Yes.

Another sign from God? Probably not, but it sure gives a good laugh!

Now that we have the keys, it’s onto months of cleaning, demolishing, painting, & remodeling. Stay tuned for tons of before & after shots. :) Let the stress fun begin!


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  1. AWESOME. LOVE IT! Maybe He left the dead bird because he knew a living one would have scared you too much? ;) Your kitchen looks exactly like what we started with at our rental!


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