Monday, February 22, 2010

What next.

A lovely morning today. (That was sarcastic.) Eugene tried to leave early for school because he still had to grade some papers. Well, the van - which is our back up vehicle that we're borrowing because his car died - wouldn't start and wouldn't charge. Lovely. So I had just finished my shower, didn't even get time to redress my lovely stomach stitches, and had to jump in the Element to take him to work. Then, he realized he forgot all the papers he graded this weekend at our apartment. Back to the apartment I drove, then back to the school, then finally to work.  We have four cars, and only one works. And, my poor tummy hurts! Lovely. So now I have an event to work tonight, so we can't go to small group. That's sad because I could definitely use the encouragement. Hopefully, my parents can pick Eugene up from work.

Yesterday's get-together seemed to go well. Always hard to judge your own events, but I think the girls enjoyed getting together. And it made me smile that they said my place was cute. :) We had potato soup, turkey noodle soup, corn bread muffins, brownies, scotcheroos, and cheeseball & crackers. Tons of leftovers. I didn't take many pictures during the event because we just chatted mainly, but here are a few.

Espn did well too, thanks to Rita & Heidi watching him. Friends = wondrous things. Puppy found a new love of crunchy, loud, plastic water bottles for toys...kept him occupied and happy for a long time!

Eugene's not sleeping well. I hope we both rest up tonight *somehow* and relax a bit. Especially him, he deserves a break. I hate that I'm adding stress to his life. I know, part of marriage, part of living. Still, it bothers me. I like to reduce stress, not add it.

Rough day, but God is good. He gave me great news for my surgery, so I'll keep on praising (even though I'm wanting to scream, "WHAT NEXT!?!" ;)



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