Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ready for rest.

For some reason, today I'm completely and udderly exhausted. I'm talking hard-to-hold-your-arm-up-to-pin-up-your-hair exhausted. It's weird and I have no idea why I'm so tired. Maybe because I had to work until 11 pm on Saturday. I had to set up for an event tonight: 26 tables, 206 chairs. Is it bad that I'm actually looking forward to my surgery on Friday because I know I will rest after it?!

I keep beating myself up for not going into education. Eugene's been home for 7 days now because of the weather. I wish I were a elementary teacher, I'd be home with my two boys, laying under a blanket on the couch...not helping an AV guy set up his projector. I feel like I didn't make a good career choice for having a family. Why didn't I realize that being a teacher would mean good maternity benefits, time off during holidays, Christmas and Summer break, less hours away from my future kids? It's too late now, and I just really regret not even considering that I wanted to be a mom when I picked my major. How can a 17 year old girl even think about the fact that she may want to have a job that's fexlible for a family when she just graduated high school, just stared dating a boy, and doesn't even know if a family's in the future God has planned for her? I know it's not something that I should beat myself up over, but I really wish someone would have asked me to think about my potential future family as I decided on a career field. Oh well. God's got it under control; He will hold it all together. I'm just trying to remember to "grow where I'm planted." Ugh...can I have a new garden? I know. I'm missing the point.

LOST is on tonight. I love that Eugene and I both like that show. I think I'm going to miss it though. There's not much of a chance this event will be over by 9:00. Plus I have to set up tonight for our luncheon event that's tomorrow. Lovely. I promise I'm thankful for a job. God's providing for us through my job, and I regonize that for the huge blessing that it is.

My wondrous thing so far today is that Eugene rode with me to our Urbana venue to pick up some centerpieces, and then we ate lunch together afterwards. It's a perfect day for chili. I'm thankful for unplanned time together with my husband.


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