Monday, February 15, 2010

Love extravagantly.

It's snowing. AGAIN. There's only a couple good things about the snow: 1) it's pretty when it's fresh and 2) puppy Espn absolutely loves playing in it. Yup, that's it. I'm sorry, but I'm really getting tired of seeing this white stuff...well, mainly brown dirty whitish stuff.

I'd much rather think about my weekend love rather than the poor weather. It was such a nice weekend. It wasn't necessarily the ideal weekend for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend since I had a late Friday meeting, Saturday evening event, and Eugene had to coach his baseball camp all day Sunday, but we still enjoyed the time we had together. I've decided that Valentine's Day is more exciting when you're dating - the surprise dates, the fun gifts, the fresh experience. But the holiday is definitely deeper when you're married. It's a comforting, lasting, smile 'cause you know it's going to be forever kind of feeling. I loved ours.

When I came home from my meeting on Friday, Eugene had the table glowing in candlelight, set with homemade ranch-soy sauce chicken (as he admitted, it sounds gross, but it's really good!), corn, and cheesy mashed potatoes. There was a yellow rose sitting by my plate, a note written by my love, and two candy hearts..."KISS ME" and "LOVE YOU." He made me smile.

My wondrous thing on Friday was pretty obvious. ;) p.s. I love that the heart ornament in the background is perfectly placed over our heads!

Saturday, I experienced the sweet savory joy of doing laundry in my own place! A.mazing. My dad is so generous, seriously. I say I'm visiting Jim's Grocery Store when I go home to visit because he always send me back with bags and bags of food...we're talking frozen ham, peanut butter, cookies, almonds, you name it, I've gone home with it! Anyway, I'm so thankful for the washer and dryer he gave us (they got new energy efficient ones.) Eugene & I seriously have the best families. So blessed. It's the simple things that most people probably don't even think twice about that make my day! Wondrous thing Saturday = folding clean, warm socks that smell like fabric softener in my own apartment. Mmm!

Sunday's sermon was on Love. 1 Corinthians 13. We've studied love pretty regularly for the past year, with engagement, pre-marital counseling, planning our wedding ceremony, and our newlyweds small group. So it's tempting to gloss over at the mention of the love chapter again. But every time, God brings a new point to mind. This Sunday, I was reminded that love is enduring. It covers all. I keep track. Love doesn't. I bring up disappointment or disagreement. Love just covers it over. Ok, something to work on. :)

Also, love is the ultimate expression of maturity. Not sure why, but I never really chewed on this point. Makes sense though. Even in my young relationship with Eugene, I've seen our love mature - long way to go still, but we'll keep remembering to think God, other, self and I think we'll keep maturing. I also really like The Message's translation of 1 Cor. 13:13 "Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly." What a challenge...I think it has my name written to it with an asterisk! I definitely can improve on all three commands.

Sunday night, I had dinner waiting when Jordan got home - homemade bacon cheese burger and "gourmet" shells and cheese. They're not really gourmet, but more expensive than the boxed stuff at Aldi! Well, I think he was happy & full afterwards. We snuggled with the pup for a bit and enjoyed being with each other.

I also got to Skype with my sister and my mom on Sunday. She's so beautiful pregnant! I wish I could be in Tulsa (or even better if she could be here) to give her a much-deserved foot-rub or fold baby girl's clothes for her. It's the little things that I really wish I could help with. I think she's so inspiring and courageous to be working such long and intense hours and growing a beautiful baby. She's basically my role model. I love her and I'm so proud of her!

Here's a picture of my sister and me at my wedding. She's going to have a beautiful baby! :)

Sunday's wondrous thing is the love of my new little family and our big, loving, generous, supportive extended families!


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