Monday, January 9, 2012


First – today’s my mom’s birthday. Yeah! We had a nice family dinner at my parents’ house last night, but we were all to full for a slice of the birthday cake. Happy birthday to one fabulous momma! ~<[:)


And this is a poor transition, but birthdays have gifts, and here are the handful of homemade gifts I made for people for Christmas. {A month late posting on this, but better late than never!}

Eugene’s brother is SO hard to buy for…he buys everything he wants, he gets tons of DVDs and electronics, and the only things I can think to buy him are a few hundred dollars. I finally, after 8 years of knowing him, thought of something to give him that he might actually like: homemade freezer meals. He’s a bachelor and lives in an apartment with a roommate and he doesn’t know how to cook. He’s not even a grilled cheese kind of cook, so he’s a huge fan of my cooking anytime we have him over for dinner. I made him chili, enchiladas, and shells/pasta. He has enough for at least 10-12 meals, and he was pumped. :)


I also made 5 more sets of the tile coasters for the girls in my mom’s side of the family. They were happy…especially my mom, who “hinted” quite a bit that she liked them after I posted it.


And my favorite DIY gift was for my niece, Cate. A long while back when Eugene’s family & I took a trip to the Wilds to see a ton of exotic animals. When I was taking a ton of photos there, Eugene’s mom gave me a great idea of making a children’s book out of the photos. I used those animal photos & the photos of Cate I took on my last visit to Oklahoma to make this hardback book. It’s kind of corny because I wrote it, but I think she’ll like it. {I still need to mail it to her…it got delayed in the mail coming to my house.}









I’m really happy with how the book turned out. Makes me smile to think of Cate reading it as she grows up the next few years. :)

So that’s my DIY gifts for this year. I had a lot more ideas, but was pretty short on time {and energy.} So we’ll see if I can whip up a little more “homemade” for next year!



  1. First of all, Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Second, I love the book! That is one very lucky little girl!

  2. What a great post! You are so creative! Where did you order the book from? I know different places will format them into the books, but that quality is wonderful. Thanks for posting!

  3. Heather - thanks! I'll pass that along to my mom. :)

    Abby - thanks to you too. :) I used to create my book. I get tons of emails from them for free prints & books, where all you have to pay is shipping. It's from China, so it takes longer to get them, but for the price, you can't beat it!

  4. That book is the most fabulous idea ... ever! E-VER!


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