Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beginning the little one’s space.

While on break and with extra hours not at work, Eugene & I started on preparing a room for our little one. It’s early; I know that. And with my first pregnancy ending in miscarriage, it’s a bit scary for me to do something so permanent for this pregnancy, but I’m taking a large leap of faith and embracing the fact that, Lord willing, I will {not “may” or “might”} have a little one in my home in June. With that, we moved all the furniture, cleaned all the corners, took off the outlet covers, took down the light, sanded the trim, and got started with the painting.

Unfortunately, I should probably back up a bit first though. We decided to use this spare bedroom since it has an attached half-bath, which will come in very handy for many reasons, but mainly since I’m planning on using cloth diapers.

When we moved the bed away from the wall, we realized the lower half of the wall was wet drywall. {After I flipped & freaked out}, Eugene investigated the issue a bit more. Thankfully, he came to the conclusion that it was just because of all the terrible water issues we had – and fixed – in our basement. The spot was also right under a large window, so the old windows {original to the house} that have since been replaced also contributed to the moisture buildup. So it’s a delayed issue from a solved problem.

Eugene immediately “unfinished” the lower half of the wall, leaving us this pretty pic…


Yikes. I’m really sick of unfurnishing walls in our house. Anyway, we had a life-saver, friend from church come over and lay the new drywall while showing Eugene the process. While the we waited for the drywall, Eugene painted a much-needed fresh coat of white on the ceiling and began painting all the doors; I painted primer on all the trim.





Oh, and do you want to laugh? This is what a overly-cautious pregnant lady looks like when she paints…


And she freezes her butt off because she forced her husband to turn off the heat & open all the windows for better air flow, despite the fact that it is Winter.

P.S. I secretly {not so secret anymore I guess} love my painting hoodie because it has every color of paint I’ve used in the last 2 years on it somewhere – yellow, green, white, orange, teal, blue, etc. I know, I’m so weird!


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