Monday, January 23, 2012


I’m twenty weeks along in my pregnancy this week. I’m so amazed that I’ve reached this point already. So thankful for this blessing.

Canon 056

I’m feeling a bit better the past week and a half. Less intense migraines, less constant nauseousness. Even sleeping deeper at points.

I’m loving prenatal yoga…specifically two youtube videos {Part 1 & Part 2} and a DVD my sister gave me called “Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga” by Element. I get really achy and sore trying to sleep, so the stretching and breathing really make me feel much better. Plus, the movements also make me slow down and rest a bit, while still exercising a bit.

We find out today, Lord willing, if we can expect a son or a daughter in June. I’m surprisingly not too anxious to find out the gender. I’m really anxious, however, to see the baby moving and hear that everything's going well and all is healthy still. I’m not feeling fear nearly as much as I did the first trimester, but I still find myself fighting the negative thoughts every now and then. I think it’s going to be a constant testing of my faith to not doubt and to believe in the positive.

I don’t necessarily have a motherly instinct on the gender, but I think I’d guess that it’s a boy. I haven’t even really considered the fact that it could be a girl…so it will be exciting to find out if that’s so! I think I’ve been thinking boy because Eugene wants an older brother to watch over a little sister {he’s the oldest and has 2 little sisters}. I have grown up with girls and feel more confortable with the idea of a little girl baby, so maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking boy this whole time – just to get myself accustomed to the thought of having a son.

I’m really hoping the baby’s not too modest tomorrow because we’re having our families over for dinner and dinner & the gender reveal on Tuesday. ;)

Earlier today, I looked at Eugene and told him that we’d know soon if we will have a son or a daughter, and it sounded so strange to me. I’m still overwhelmed with humility and gratitude that we’re blessed with this opportunity.


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  1. I know your worry exactly. After we had our first miscarriage and got pregnant with Liam, every ultrasound was very nerve-wracking for me. Everyone would say "OH HOW EXCITING!!!!" but my heart was still beating 500 miles an hour. You will be amazed at the movement of your little one today and how he/she is looking like a HUMAN baby! haha. Good luck and keep us posted! God bless you all.


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