Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh puppy pup.

Two years ago on January 9, we brought home the pup when he was just an 8 week old puppy. We drove to another state to rescue this puppy that was supposed to be a Newfoundland/Labrador mix to bring him home to live with us in an apartment that banned pets. Well, we left with a crazy, rambunctious, cuddly, uber affectionate puppy who is pretty much in no way a Newfie. And we moved out about a month later with no damage done to the apartment, secret’s still safe. ;)

This post sounds super nostalgic, and I’m happy to have the pup for 2 years now, but honestly I just really think my pup was the cutest puppy ever. So any reason to post photos of the little guy, I’m all over it. :)

This first photo is when we stopped on our 3 hour drive home. It was Espn’s first time being outside that day, and he LOVED the snow {obviously!}


The two photos below were posted by the humane society…



espn collage


The pup was being crazy when we had people over, so Eugene just draped him over his knee for a bit to calm him down. He’s so small here!



Oh, I love this goofy pup!


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  1. aww, you do have an adorable dog. i'm the same way with my dog, pictures galore & even our Christmas cards include her name. haha.


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