Thursday, January 26, 2012

The little one’s room update, with orange.

I worked on the little one’s room a bit more before we knew she is a SHE! I didn’t want to share this on the blog yet, because I wanted my family to see the updates in person first, which they did at our “gender reveal” get-together earlier this week.  Last time I updated ya, the room was bright navy blue with white trim. Here’s the place with our new crib & the accent of orange…


Um, yes, I know we still need to get some new baseboard for the one wall. The crib we bought is the Graco Lauren 4-in-1 convertible fixed-side classic crib. It seems really sturdy, had great safety reviews, looks nice, converts to a toddler and twin bed, went together well. Oh, and word to the wise, don’t put the entire crib together in the living room expecting to just move it to the bedroom, only to find out that there’s no way it will fit down the hall and through the door. {Awesome.}


The curtains are from IKEA. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll spice ‘em up yet or not. I scored the quilt below from Target. It’s reversible and full/queen size, and I got it for just 24 bucks. It’s the Springmaid Tera Scroll Quilt, originally $80. I plan to throw it on the floor so the little one can play on the floor or lay on it with a with some extra cushion, and I can easily wash it if there are any messes {which I’m sure there will be.}


This orange fun thing below is the beginnings of my changing table. Believe it or not, way back when we lived in an apartment, I found it on the side of the road while walking the pup, loved the style of it, drove back & shoved it in my car. I painted it bright orange, long before we even thought about starting a family. It was just a project that I could expel some of my DIY-cravings while I lived in an apartment that I couldn’t paint or hammer into. ;) I’ll probably have a full post for this bright beauty later.


I still have to figure out what to do with the boards that act as the shelves.


Oh, and that blue bag was my first real purchase during pregnancy. I pretty much freaked out about whether to order it or not, but I’m glad I took the leap of faith. It’s a Vera Bradley Rivera Blue Baby Bag. I got it on sale on for just $40, originally $99. {Score.}


So that’s where we are right now on our daughter’s room. {I’m still in a small state of shock that it’s a girl!}

How about some before/after {or “in works”} shots…

image IMG_9051

I really love the closet painted white. Made a big difference…

image IMG_9052

Now on the list is:

  • find a rocker
  • dress up the curtains
  • make the ceiling light look cute
  • sew a fitted sheet & pillows
  • figure out the changing table shelves
  • decorate the walls
  • make boxes for the changing table
  • completely re-do the bathroom

And more. But the little girl’s not due until June, so we still have a little while. One thing at a time, right? :)

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!



  1. SO cute!! We have the Graco Lauren for Noah and we love it. It is VERY good quality (aside from the NUMEROUS teeth marks on the rails. haha) Have fun preparing for baby!!

  2. Abby, I read that teeth marks are common for that crib. I think I might try to sew one of those rail covers that buttons on once the little one gets teeth. :)

  3. I TOTALLY recommend that! lol. We have LOVELY little teeth marks ALL over it. I may have to make a cover for ours too. :)

  4. Love the room! I love the colors you guys picked. Pretty doggone cute. I really love the look of white trim/baseboards/doors with bold colored walls.


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