Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diet soda girly cake.

I’ve seen a lot of pins and blog posts that have 2 ingredient cake – cake mix + diet soda. So on a whim, I decided to try out diet 7-up with a strawberry cake as my “something pink” for  our gender reveal party. Here are my whopping 3 ingredients…

Canon 060

You’re supposed to use a can of soda, so I just measured 12 ounces. 

Canon 061

Added the soda to the cake mix, and watched what looked like a volcano science fair project.

Canon 062

Mixed it together…

Canon 063

And baked it according to the cake box directions, yes right next to baked beans…

Canon 064

The cake actually tasted kind of like a strawberry margarita. Although, honestly, I don’t know that I’ve actually ever had one of those, but it’s what I bet they taste like! It was really good, really moist, and still fluffy. I used fat-free cool whip as the frosting, oh my, that was a great choice. Plus, it’s got to be much healthier than the normal cake since it doesn’t have eggs, oil, or icing. {Bonus!}

I will definitely make this again, probably in the Summer, and maybe add some fresh strawberries on top. Yum.



  1. I just made cherry chip cupcakes with Diet 7-Up and cool whip - so good! They're super moist and they've lasted a long time!

  2. Love your post! Seems like fun to do cakes now. LOL! I might try this also i will put chocolate on it. ♥

  3. Omg, I just made this today!!!! It is so easy and taste sooooooooo good!!!


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