Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sister session.

I headed over to my college coach’s house to snap a few pictures of his adorable {super smart} little girls. I took some photos for this lovely family back in September 2010. The girls are now 3 years old and a 17 months old, and they wanted to do a more casual photo session where the girls were just playing in their bedrooms. So not many posed shots, but hopefully they find a couple that they like.





The photo below looks posed, but really she just loved the camera. She walked into her bedroom, sat on the green ottoman and waited for me to snap away. Perfect! :)


I have another version of the picture below, but I thought Paco might appreciate the straight leg plank-form from Olivia. Made me smile.


How precious is this – two sisters reading together in the morning sunlight. {Love.}








By the time we headed outside, patience was wearing thinner {not mine, but the girls’} so we really only got one or two pictures of all four of them. I enjoyed spending the morning with them, learning about ring tailed lemurs who live in Madagascar and the phases of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. {Like I said, these girls are smart!} Oh, and Olivia speaks Spanish & English. I felt very enlightened! ;)

Paco & Jill, thanks for letting me come to your home & spend some time with your girls!


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