Friday, December 23, 2011

Pizza dip.

For my small group Christmas party, I decided to try a new recipe that Eugene might actually like. He’s not necessarily a picky eater; he just only likes basic {unhealthy} dishes like pizza, tacos, mac ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes. I usually make fun dishes that are healthier when I go to parties because I know I won’t be alone eating it, but this time around I aimed to make my man happy. ;)

This Betty Crocker recipe was my starting point, but I jazzed it up a bit.

Basically, it begins with one block of softened cream cheese mixed with whatever herbs you want {I used Italian seasoning} and some parmesan cheese. That was my first layer in my pie plate.


Second layer was mozzarella cheese.


Third layer, pizza/marinara sauce.


Fourth diced peperoni.


Fifth layer more parm cheese.


Sixth layer more mozzarella cheese.


And, in bad blogger {but good party attender} style, I forgot to take a photo after I took it out of the oven. Here’s a centimeter of it covered in foil. The plate next to it was garlic bread I made with a basic baguette from the store, sliced, spread with butter & garlic, and baked in the oven. YUM.


It was a big hit with the males. And the “homemade” garlic bread was a fabulous partner to the dip.


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