Friday, December 2, 2011

One, plus one, equals three.

First, I want to thank everyone who messaged me and commented about my post last Friday about our miscarriage. So many strong women out there. {And I’m praying for them all.} I promised that there would be happier posts to come, so I will hold true to that promise.

I guess that sad post can be considered Part 1 of who knows how many, and this post is a happy Part 2.

So, just let’s just cut to the chase. Eugene & I are thrilled to announce…


This has been a very long journey for us {most of which I detailed in the post I linked above}; it’s been a journey that’s shown me strength in God, in prayer, and in my relationship with my husband. It’s seemed like it’s lasted such a long time, but I know that there are many other women out there who have waited and waited for so much longer.

God is so good. I will be 13 weeks along on Tuesday. I thought about sharing it at the end of Friday’s post, but I wanted the post to be just about my first baby, and I also wanted to wait until I was 13 weeks and through with my first trimester before we made the news public. We are beyond thrilled with this new opportunity to be parents. I won’t deceive you, this pregnancy has been much different than my first. It’s been full of so many tough emotions and has challenged me daily to fight fear and doubt. But each day, I have tried to walk in faith and trust that God’s got this.

I’ll share many more details as I post more, but before I end this post, I want to be sensitive to all those who have had miscarriages recently. I know {all to well} that it’s bittersweet to hear of another pregnancy that’s not yours. I pray that my pregnancy after my miscarriage is an encouragement to you, but please don’t feel bad if you stop reading my blog. I want to use my blog to treasure the experiences {good and bad} in my life, and this pregnancy {and, Lord willing, this child} will certainly be a main focus on this blog. I worry that this will be difficult for my friends who are longing to become mothers. I don’t have the right words to make it easier, but I wanted to write that I’m praying that somehow this is an encouragement to you.

I have heard my precious baby’s heartbeat on more than one occasion, and each time I’m overcome with a peace that passes all understanding, and my heart feels as if it’s going to burst with gratitude. I’m thrilled, scared, excited, thankful, nervous, unsure, ready, and in love already. I’m so thankful for all those who not only prayed me through my miscarriage, but also prayed me through my first trimester this time. It’s meant more than I can put into words.

I long for the day I can hold my baby, and I pray that I’m doing a good job carrying him or her now. Although my miscarriage has certainly taken my naivety and carefree attitude away, it’s also made me unbelievably more thankful for the gift of pregnancy and children. Every minute of nauseousness and fatigue is a reason for me to praise. :) And, Lord willing, Eugene & I will get to meet our baby sometime around June 12. I’m so thankful for this huge blessing.

God is so gracious.


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  1. Oh this is so wonderful! Congratulations!!


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