Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We have many family festivities for Christmas Eve & Christmas day. Brunch every Christmas Eve morning with Eugene’s family…


Took a second to get a photo together since I usually forget and realize the next day that I have a ton of photos of everyone except Eugene & me…


After brunch, we had a few hours to cook and pick up the house before we headed to church on Christmas Eve, time with my parents to open pajamas, ended with a cut-throat white elephant gift exchange with Eugene’s extended family.


We had a Christmas morning breakfast for champions: leftover {awesome} cheese fondue and toasted French bread cubes with Mt. Dew {Eugene had the Mt. Dew, not me}. I made the fondue in the Crock Pot this time around and it worked perfectly!


Can you tell I’m pregnant?! That breakfast looks both disgusting and super delicious to me, haha!

Christmas morning was really nice. Eugene read Luke 2, we exchanged some gifts, we headed to church, met up with his parents, went to his grandparents’, then had a lovely dinner and evening with my parents. Busy, busy, but filled with incredibly generous family and lots of love.


Even the pup had a happy Christmas with a new bone to devour!


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