Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas cheer.

We finally amped up our lame-oh Christmas decorations this weekend with a real tree. We were going to go cut a tree down ourselves, but when we saw the price tags of 50 bucks, we decided that Lowe’s $15 pre-cut trees would be a better option for us. :) Eugene picked the tree out, and he did a mighty fine job!


The pup was eager to help…


I cute some pine branches from our back yard to put in a vase on the make-shift mantle shelf, added some pine cones {also from outside} with some leftover ornaments, and I later {after I took this photo} added my DIY mercury-ish glass vase I made last year.


Here’s the tree with the living room lights off…


And the $10 Craigslist dresser & my gallery wall all lit up with color…


And here’s the decorations the next morning with some daylight…


I really need something to hang on the lonely blank wall, and the whole nonexistent light fixture thing is getting a bit tricky now that it’s dark at 5 pm.



I had to bring out the fun Christmas lights Fiesta Ware of course…



I’m feeling much more of the Christmas cheer now that our house smells of evergreen and is all light with tiny lights.


Merry Christmas y’all!


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