Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY crib skirt.

Since I had some luck DIY’ing my orange crib sheet, I figured I should try my hand at making a crib sheet too. I saw this photo on a fun blog I read, and I liked the idea that it would be able to adjust as we raised & lowered the mattress. I originally bought some really fun orange patterned fabric to make the skirt – 3 yards of it – but when I held it up there, I didn’t like it at all. Too much going on for more orange & patterns. On the same trip to the fabric store, I grabbed a small roll of remnant navy fabric with the intention of backing some pillows with it. Well, it just so happened that I had the exact amount {I’m talking just 2 inches of left over fabric!} to make a navy skirt, which I liked much better.


I didn’t take a ton of process photos, but basically I cut 3 rectangles of fabric to size by holding it up to the crib & eyeballing it. I only had enough fabric to do about 1/2” seam on all edges of the pieces of fabric. I sewed all the edges on the three pieces {I didn’t see the need to have the skirt cover the back since it’s up against the wall}.

My next step was to cut some ribbons I had on hand. Again, I didn’t measure them, but you can see the size roughly by judging them with the scissors. I did 3 ties on the shorter crib sides and 4 on the long front. Since you use 2 ribbons per tie, I cut 20 pieces of ribbon…


Easy peasy, just sew two of the ribbons onto the rectangle pieces like so…


And then I tested it out before accessorizing it a bit…



Here’s what it looks like tied to the metal frame under the mattress. You can see one benefit of having a crib skirt – added storage under the crib is hidden!




I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I took a wide white ribbon and a bag full of left over buttons from my button light transformation to Eugene’s double header & sewed the whole four or five hours, and here’s the end result…


Those buttons are on there for good! I made sure that they were sewn on really well so that there’s no risk of the little one pulling one off if she happens to be down near the crib skirt. I sewed the ribbon to front skirt about 2 inches from the floor just to add a bit of color…




The whole thing probably cost me around $4 with the remnant, ribbon and left over buttons. Ahhhhh, I really like how it turned out! :)


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