Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursery art.

I planned my entire nursery concept around two things: colors & art. I knew, no matter what gender the little one would be, I wanted an bright orange and deep blue color palate for the nursery. I’ve changed the general concept quite a bit {since I was thinking boy when I planned it}, but I love the added pops of color.

In addition to color, I also really wanted to incorporate art by Katie Daisy. This was my only “girl” clause for the nursery, and I’m pretty pumped that I get to apply it! Seriously, how can you look at this art and not feel happy inside?!

image image

I scored a sweet deal for white frames with white mats from Michael’s for 50% off…


And this wall was my prime suspect…


I used some magazine/ad paper to draw templates and figure out just where to place the pretties…


Added an anchor to make ‘em stay…


Two down up, two to go…


And here’s the full picture {I’m on a roll with puns here, huh.}



This will be the little one’s point of view…


And the close ups…



This is my FAVORITE. It has been my laptop screen saver at work for years. I love it. {You can buy Katie Daisy’s art in her etsy shop here:}




And one last photo {taken before I added the button/ribbon trim on the crib skirt}…


It’s coming together! It’s really quite amazing how much better the room looks in person with just four frames hung. It’s like my “vision” finally feels right. I just need to add a few more pieces, and it will be complete.

I really love the space. She’ll probably never remember what this room looked like {I couldn’t tell you what my nursery d├ęcor was!}, but I still hope she enjoys the colors. At least her mommy will be happy in the space…even in the wee hours of the night. ;)

Once I finished hanging the art, I just sat on the wood floor and rested against the wall – taking it all in. I am so excited/hopeful/anxious for my little girl to arrive. So looking forward to that day. I feel like my heart literally aches thinking about getting to hold her someday. I love her {so much.}


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