Friday, April 6, 2012

Bathroom progress.

Eugene texted me this photo earlier this week with the caption, “Just a little preview”…


Ahh, so much better. :)

He removed the toilet & sink to lay down some basic peel & stick tile in our little one’s bathroom. We went with peel & stick even though a lot of people turn up their noses at it because it’s a tiny space, the floors already pretty uneven, and we’re really the only two people who will ever go in there. We spent just under $20 for the box of tile at Lowes, and we have plenty left. We didn’t want to waste a lot of money or time right now on such a small, infrequently used room, and we’re pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

You can still see some barcode stickers, but I’ll take care of those this weekend. We both agreed it looks way better than we anticipated – yea, cheap tile from Lowes, way to impress!


The challenge is to drag your eye away from the hideous, unfinished walls. Eugene’s tackling that soon too. Here’s a close up of the floor to give you eyes a rest. {The barcodes crack me up. Must remove those asap!}




Not too shabby for under $20.

Happy Good Friday, all. I love  living Easter weekend. I don’t necessarily look forward to any of the food, parties, fancy dresses so much, but I love church on Good Friday & Easter Sunday. It’s what our hope is all about! I’m so humbled today, on Good Friday, by my amazing Savior.


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