Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twenty-eight weeks.

I’ve officially made it to the third trimester. What a blessing! I’ve started feeling the fatigue that apparently returns with the third trimester, but other than that I’m feeling generally well.

28 weeks

The weather’s been absolutely gorgeous for Ohio in March. I love warm weather…much preferred over cold, so basically skipping winter has been a-okay with me! However, I’ve noticed the higher temps are causing my feet and hands to balloon. I can’t wear my wedding rings anymore, and my dress shoes are imprinted into my feet after work. I’ll still take swollen limbs over cold weather any day!

Oh, and I realized I forgot a food I craved the last two weeks. Eugene was looking at me weird, so I asked him {jokingly} “What are you looking at, my cottage-cheese thighs!?” And then I realized that I forgot to list cottage cheese as my craving. ;) Hahah, pregnancy.

People are commenting on how big I’m getting. {Gotta love that.} I’m feeling rather “large & in charge” and I know I’m just going to keep getting bigger like my ankles, but it’s beyond worth it. I will say though, I’m still carrying really low. I’m holding on to my waist as long as I can! Guess it’s a perk of being 6 feet tall – sucks in getting guys to ask you to high school dances, riding planes, sitting in class desks, great for reaching high shelves at the grocery, playing volleyball, watching a concert, and apparently carrying a baby!

The little one & I have enjoyed daily long walks with the pup in the glorious weather. It usually means that my ankles are going to be cankles by the end of the walk, but it’s worth it.

Also, the last few mornings, Eugene’s placed his hand on my belly while we’re still laying down & {without fail} our little one moves and bumps his hand. It is honestly such a wondrous, happy thing. His daughter wants him to know she loves him too. I love that. {So much.}


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