Monday, March 12, 2012

Consignment sale.

On Friday, I stopped at a consignment sale on my way to work. It was held at a church about fifteen minutes from me, and they opened the first hour for first time moms only. It was $1 to get in the door, and I had no idea what to expect. Here’s some cell phone pics of what they had…

I walked away with some loot – all for $24…

IMG_9790 The baby bath was a buck, the boppy cover $2, the play mat $5, and the books and shoes were deals too…



Teeny tiny baby shoes are seriously one of the cutest things ever!


I was hoping they would have some larger items that interested me {like a jogging stroller}, but I still feel like the trip was worth the time and travel. All the items were very clean, many that I got were brand new still in the package. And thanks to the opportunity to shop the sale first, I walked away with some nice items for a good price.


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